Raleigh St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival


Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the parade start?  The parade starts promptly at 10:00AM.

Where should I park?  Parking is available at any public parking deck or there is some street parking available on downtown streets not part of the parade route or festival.  Please see Raleigh City Parking Map here.

Where does the parade start?  The Parade route starts at Lane Street and Wilmington Street.

When does the parade end?  Typically, The Parade will end within one to one and a half hours, so by 11:30 the parade should be ending.

What if it rains?  The parade goes on, rain or shine!

Can I bring my dog?  You may but you must follow Raleigh City Ordinances (they must be leashed and you must pick up any doggie waste).  Please be aware that the crowds will be large and there will be loud noises.